As a singer and voice over actress, finding out I had nodules on my vocal cords was very saddening for me. I thought my career would absolutely suffer until I met Patti Bottino-Bravo. Her techniques and skills prevented me from having to go for surgery. As a result of her professionalism, knowledge and patience, in just a few sessions I felt an enormous difference in my vocal strength. Patti taught me how to enjoy everyday life in a way that is healthy for my voice, like avoiding speaking in certain settings or maintaining the correct pitch as I speak.  I no longer lose my voice constantly and my nodules are gone! Cheers to Patti at Brighton Speech Paths for her incredible work!                                     - Melissa Fiore, Brooklyn, NY

Patti has been an amazing asset for my daughter. As she moved through her education from kindergarten to third grade, I always had a sinking feeling that she wasn't reading at the level she should be. I would go meet with her teacher and was always reassured she was fine that she would catch up. My biggest fear was that she was going to fall through the cracks. By the time she finished third grade, my husband and I knew we needed to get her outside help. My cousin put me in touch with Patti. Patti's warm, caring, good hearted nature put my apprehensive daughter at ease. Patti discovered her strength and weaknesses and began to help her fill in the areas she was struggling in.  She taught her new techniques on how to decode words and understand the language which has helped her comprehension. She looks forwards to seeing Patti and learning new things. My daughters reading has improved ten-fold, her fluency is so much better and most importantly her confidence has sky rocketed.  My husband and I are indebted to Patti and would recommend her to anyone who seeks help for their child.

Patti was absolutely amazing for my son.  She literally worked wonders.  She helped him learn new approaches to decoding words, improve his reading comprehension, and feel more confident as a student.  He was in the 6th grade when he first worked with Patti and he told me that working with Patti actually made him feel like he was learning something for the first time ever.  Now, in the 8th grade he has a 90 average and has a much more positive attitude toward school. She has a wealth of knowledge to share.  As a teacher of 20 years, I also learned new techniques to use with my own students as I watched her work with my son. Most importantly, Patti does it all with a loving, nurturing approach that makes the child feel comfortable and confident.  Susan Molen, parent

Professor Bottino really helped me with my tongue thrust.  I was on my third round of braces when my doctor realized that the tongue thrust was interfering with my results.  After the 12 week program, my tongue knows where to be in my mouth, I am eating and drinking with the correct swallow pattern, and my speech sounds better too.  I am so grateful to Prof. Bottino for her time and caring in helping me tame my tongue for good!

SJ, college student