Practice Areas

Speech Sound Disorders, Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders, Reading, Voice Disorders,and  Myofunctional Therapy


Dyslexia affects 1 out of 5 school age children, and often goes undetected until late 2nd grade, when students are expected to read with automaticity. By the time a child gets to 3rd grade, they are no longer "learning to read" and are expected to be “reading to learn.” Unidentified students can suffer from self-esteem issues as they see their peers reading with apparent ease. Patti is an Orton-Gillingham trained therapist and uses specialized OG techniques to help students “crack the code,” catch up to their classmates, and gain confidence in their abilities.



For children diagnosed with speech sound production disorders, such as a lisp - (where /s/ sounds like /th/)  or gliding - (where an  /r/ sounds like /w/),  as well as sounds that are omitted or distorted, Patti uses a variety of assessment and treatment protocols to help children produce these sounds correctly. In addition, for adults with dysarthria - a speech disorder caused by weakness, incoordination, or paralysis of the speech muscles, Patti provides exercises for strengthening, and strategies for making speech clearer and easier to understand.

Speech Sound Disorders


Language disorders can include difficulty understanding and using age and grade level vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and social communication skills.  Children might have difficulty understanding (receptive) or using (expressive) these language structures for speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. Adults may have lost some of these skills due to having had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological problems that affect communication.  Patti helps schools-age children meet their academic needs, and assists adults in recovering and compensating for lost skills.

Language Disorders


A voice disorder occurs when there is a difference or disturbance in the quality, pitch, or loudness of a person’s voice. Common descriptions used are hoarse voice, strained voice, husky voice, or gravelly voice. There are several medical conditions that result in a hoarse, strained, husky, or gravelly vocal quality, so medical clearance from an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor (ENT) is required before voice therapy can begin.  Patti has had great success treating children, teens, and adults with vocal nodules, using a variety of behavioral and symptomatic therapies to help restore healthy and functional voice use.



This therapy is designed to correct oral muscle function as it relates to dental problems and speech disorders, using exercises for the tongue, lips, and facial muscles. It is most often used to alter a tongue thrust swallowing pattern, assists with improved outcomes in orthodontia, and can help open mouth breathers become nasal breathers.  Using the Simon Says Tongue Tips therapy protocol, and a detailed home practice program, correction of tongue thrust can be completed in approximately 12 weeks (more, if substantial speech sound errors co-exist.)

In addition, Patti helps children who continue to suck their thumbs eliminate this habit using the Thumbs Up! program.

Myofunctional Therapy


When learning English as a second language, the sound system of one's native language influences the sound system of the new language.  For example, the "th" sound, common in English words, such as this, that, these, those and the  - does not exist in many other languages. Since the new sound does not exist, people learning English substitute a similar sound from their first language,  such as "t" or "d" or "z".  This substitution creates an accent.  When a person learns the new sounds of the new language, the sound of the accent is reduced.  Patti is skilled at helping clients modify their accented English.

Accent Reduction

Meet Patti Bottino-Bravo

Patti has provided speech-language therapy services to children and adults for over 20 years.  She received her Bachelor of Science and Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York.  She provides services to children and adults with speech, language, reading and voice disorders, and specializes in tongue thrust remediation and thumb sucking elimination using the Simon Says method.   


Brighton Speech Paths

for Speech, Language, Reading, Voice & Myofunctional Therapy

Patti was absolutely amazing for my son.  She literally worked wonders.  She helped him learn new approaches to decoding words, improve his reading comprehension, and feel more confident as a student .  He told me working with Patti actually made him feel like he was learning something for the first time ever.  Now in the 8th grade, he has a 90 average and a more positive attitude toward school.  Patti does it all with a loving, nurturing approach that makes the child feel comfortable and confident.

Susan Molen, parent